The Anti-Social Network (or why I went to bed last night angry with Facebook)

My apologies in advance for this blog. It is written from a place of pure anger and by a person who has had little sleep due to vivid nightmares. I felt so strongly about this, I needed to get my feelings down straight away. 

I have not included any pictures in this blog… for obvious reasons. 

On Tuesday night I went to bed angry. I’d spent the whole day feeling bad but by the time I went to bed I felt really dreadful. The reason was…. Facebook.

On Tuesday morning, I saw my sister in law had commented ‘reported’ on a picture that now appeared on my feed. The photo depicted two little girls, around about 4 or 5 years old, hanging by their necks. One had blood running out of her mouth. These little girls were dead. And in the bottom right corner was an emoji sticker of an open mouthed face. These little lifeless girls on my phone screen, trivialised by a small yellow face and a request for an ‘amen’ to avoid 7 years bad luck. I reported the image as well.

And Facebook replied “this does not violate our community standards”.

“Facebook thinks the exploitation of the bodies of these girls in exchange for likes and amens is ok, but the exposure of an arse is not.”

So I read the community standards. A violent image is considered a violation. I consider the image of seemingly murdered infants as violent. They were hanging. There was blood running out of one of their mouths. If it was a fake, it was a damn realistic one.

Other violations include a female’s breast with the nipple showing and bare buttocks. So, what Facebook is saying is that a bare tit is more offensive to the eye than a child’s corpse. That looking at someone sans bra will be more distressing than a dead little girl. Facebook thinks the exploitation of the bodies of these girls in exchange for likes and amens is ok, but the exposure of an arse is not. Facebook, your priorities are nuts. You need to get your shit together!

I wrote a post about my disgust and a number of my friends responded to say they had also reported the same picture and Facebook had given the same reply. I reported it 4 times myself – every time the same reply. Facebook condones the exploitation of dead children, no matter how loud or how many times people object. How thankful I was that my nearest and dearest felt as angry and let down as I was. My social network fighting antisocial behaviour.

So Tuesday night I went to bed with the image of their little broken bodies burned onto the back of my eyes. My brain ached with nightmares and my stomach was sick. Those poor little girls who did not live long enough to even open a Facebook account.

Facebook. Your community standards are bollocks. Rewrite them. Now.

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