Recommended New Shows – Fall Schedule 2016

I’ve not included Luke Cage in this, because I covered it in a previous blog. In my heart, I also class it as an ongoing season in Netflix’s Marvel Universe.

It will be awesome though and you should definitely watch it when the whole season lands on 30th September! 

In America, the Fall Schedule is the place to be for quality to. Many of my favourite shows kick off again, and some new ones get thrown in the mix. These are 5 new shows that stood out to me – maybe they’ll be one season wonders, maybe they’ll last longer than Supernatural.*

*Supernatural started when dinosaurs still roamed the earth, for those who don’t know…

The Good Place – 19th September

This show is described as a fantasy sitcom and stars Kristen “Veronica Mars” Bell and Ted ” it’s Ted frickin’ Danson” Danson. Bell plays a woman who unexpectedly dies and ends up in heaven (only it’s not called heaven so that no one gets offended!) Because it’s heaven (or not) Danson is assigned as Bell’s mentor and it quickly becomes apparent they’ve got the wrong girl. They’ve mistaken her for some lady who is much nicer than her. So it looks like she’ll be trying to trick them into letting her stay, and not sending her packing to hell (which I presume is not called hell…) Recommending this because Kristen Bell is awesome and I hope she won’t steer me wrong. May not be so good for parents with Frozen-related PTSD (she’s the voice of Anna)
See if it’s as good as Cheers by catching the trailer here

This Is Us – 20th September

The US media is raving about how this could be a big hit, so it might be well worth getting in on the ground floor. The trailer got 15 million views in the first 48 hours, and, I’ve got to tell you, I’m really in to it. It’s a comedy drama about a group of friends who share the same birthday. It’s got former pop lady Mandy Moore in it as a lady who is pregnant with triplets and who is married to Peter Petrelli from Heroes. There’s also a guy who finds his dad after 25 years, and a fat lady who can’t bear to be fat any more. On their 36th birthday, their lives look to change forever. There will be tears, lessons will be learned, and it’s by the team behind Crazy, Stupid Love, so the script is probably pretty hot. I’ve got a bit of a feeling about this. Recommending this because it looks well written with a good cast. Maybe not so good for anyone who has had a recent upsetting event in their life.

Jump on the bandwagon by watching the trailer here

Son of Zorn – 25th September

This is produced by the guys behind Last Man on Earth, which I love, so that’s one reason I’ll be tuning in to this new comedy series. The other reason is that it’s about a cartoon warrior (think 80s He-Man) wandering around in the real world. Zorn (the animated fella) is voiced by the so-hot-right-now Jason Sudeikis – former SNL cast member and frequent Jennifer Aniston botherer. It’s a fish out of water concept – the He-Man guy is trying to make it work in modern-day Orange County – and from the trailer it looks like they’re playing it pretty straight for a wacky concept. Recommending this because, well, I’ve already said it’s got a cartoon man wandering around in the real world (if you didn’t go for that, you’re in the wrong place!) Maybe not so good for anyone who doesn’t like silliness (I think it’s going to be quite silly…)

See if it’s your cup of tea by casting your eyes on the trailer here

Conviction – 3rd October

They cancelled Agent Carter for this, so it better be good. Hayley Atwell is a former first daughter and bad girl, who is blackmailed into heading up a team of… Good, hardworking lawyers. They try to overturn the cases of people who might not have committed the crime go which they now do the time. It seems like a bit of a police procedural, villain of the week type of show, a la Criminal Minds, CSI, Elementary etc, which is not necessarily a bad thing – those shows have their place. It also sounds a bit like an opposite world Blacklist, in that instead of the good guys finding the villains they know have done wrong, they’re finding out if the villains they have actually did the wrong in the first place. Meh, I’m giving it a go, but I think it’ll sink without trace before season 2. Recommending because I have to believe they had good reason for canning Agent Carter. Maybe not so good for people who are sick of those formulaic types of shows.

See if it’s worth all the fuss by tuning in to the trailer here

The Great Indoors -27th October

This promises to be a cheesy, ‘aren’t 40-somethings past it?’ type of sitcom. Joel McHale, fresh from the awesome cult gem Community stars as a successful, handsome journalist who works for Stephen Fry’s magazine. You could leave it at that, couldn’t you? But no, editor Fry has decided that his magazine is going to be exclusively online content, and hires a bunch of odious millennial stereotypes to be his staff. I think there’s a geek, played by rend-a-nerd Christopher Mintz-Plasse; a hipster; a sarcastic ‘aren’t you ancient?’ mean girl; and a shrewish ex (who also manages him). McHale’s character will try to wrangle the misfits while maintaining his integrity… With hilarious consequences, no doubt. I sound like I’m mocking this a bit, and I am, but I genuinely enjoy shows like this for winding down. Like, Stranger Things is great, but sometimes I need to watch something that takes 0% brain power, and this seems like a good candidate. Recommending because i enjoy a daft 22 min show sometimes. Maybe not so good for those who like nothing but high quality drama on their tellybox.

Say “is that why Stephen Fry quit QI…?” while you watch the trailer here

Discover something new on the telly this Autumn – my pick is This Is Us (I genuinely think it might be huge!!)

The dates are all American, as that’s all that’s available online. I’m sure they’ll rock up in the UK shortly afterwards. 

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